We believe knowledge is transferable and it’s always better with human intervention

What do you get?
Connect 1:1 with ease without interruptions
We provide a great space to share your thoughts with a mentor of your choice. It's hassle-free and access the mentor from your comfort zone / safe space.
A premium community of carefully curated industry leaders and experts
Quality and user experience are our main core values and we value each of our users. The mentors in our platform are carefully curated and vetted through an internal process with great attention to detail.
Filtering based on specific needs
Your specific needs and your time is important and we ensure we deliver. We understand there might be different needs for different users. Features such as ‘Filtering’ will help you get to your mentor with just a click of a button.
Access to Mentor Articles & Blogs
Get access to our extensive articles & blogs posted by mentors based on their experience, challenges and mistakes. Dive into the articles & blogs section to find out what the mentors have to say.
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Frequently asked questions
  • What is Qfuss and all you need to know!

    We at Qfuss, provide an on-demand cloud-based mentorship platform for individuals who would like to have a chat with industry leaders (mentors) who will guide you both personally and professionally. It is more of a safe space outside your regular space where you get insights from leaders who have traveled the same path you are about to take.

    We believe knowledge is transferable and it’s always better with human intervention. We make sure everyone on the platform is here for a reason, who wants to genuinely help.
  • What do you get after you register?

    Once registered to the platform the users have the liberty to access all the premium features provided by Qfuss.

    • A premium community of carefully curated industry leaders.
    • Get access to our experts and connect 1:1 with ease without interruptions.
    • Matching your profile with the right mentor based on your specific needs.
    • Scheduling a session has never been so easy, based on the comfortability of the mentor.
    • Get comfortable talking to a mentor in your language.
    • Bonus: AMA Sessions conducted by mentors on a specific topic when more than 5 requests come through for a mentor.
    • Bonus: Access to the extensive database of articles & blogs.
  • How to become a mentor?

    Currently, we integrate a mentor manually based on request. A person who wishes to be a mentor on Qfuss just has to call at +91 6304802669 or email us (sid@qfuss.com) directly and we take it forward from there.
  • How do I get the most out of the mentorship session?

    • Firstly, open yourself to the mentor. They are not your professors to hide stuff.
    • Be honest and practical, so that the mentor understands the context.
    • Mentors might ask a lot of questions only for the purpose to understand better and you don't have to be pressurized.
    • Don't shy away to ask questions, we are here to help and like we always say help has no boundaries.
    • Be open to suggestions as there are always two sides to a coin.
    • Be genuine, after all we are here to support you.
  • What if too many requests come for the same Mentor?

    We understand the mentors are humans and there might be a situation where there are too many requests for the same mentor. Qfuss communicates with each mentor and understands their availability/month. Based on availability, the mentor can cap their number of sessions/per month (Eg: In the mentor profile page, the available sessions for that month will be displayed, post which the mentor is unavailable to accept any requests). First come First served!
  • How do you vet mentors?

    We truly believe in giving back to the community and professionalism.

    At first, the mentor is sent a comprehensive questionnaire, where we need to understand if the mentor aligns with our core values, passion for mentoring and the field they are interested in. Post the questionnaire, the founder gets on a call to assess the below:

    • Ability to listen actively, empathize, and put themselves in their mentees shoes
    • A great attitude in loving what they do and helping people with their problems
    • Technically sound
    We ensure the quality of the mentor is of priority which lets individuals concentrate on things that matter (finding the right mentor to guide you).

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